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Getting to know you... or in this case me!

Hi I'm Ashleigh B!

Okay, so let me introduce myself to those who may not know me. My name is Ashleigh (my nickname is B, hence the bumblebee in the logo) and I am an actress in Los Angeles. I am newly married to my amazing husband, Barrett who is my quality control and most honest reviewer! I love having a good time, making memories & whiskey- wait this isn't that kind of site... Back to the real reason for the blog. Recently I have dived more into the world of cooking and baking which I have loved since I was a child.

I was not your typical kid, on Saturday mornings instead of cartoons I was racing down the stair to watch Julia Child!

I am not sure where this passion came from. Don't get me wrong both my parents can cook (but don't let my mom know I told you that). However, neither have a true passion for baking. I guess I get that from my dad's mom, my Mémère (Grandmother in French). Mémère was a wonderful baker! She would make all of our birthday cakes growing up, all I would need to do is show her a picture of the character I wanted and there it was on my cake. Not only did she do birthdays but she also did a lot of family wedding cakes! Besides working as a baker she also worked as a florist and was pretty crafty. I guess she would have to be pretty creative raising 5 boys!

A little more family history:

My grandpa, her husband was an electrician, while I would love to explore that think I will leave that to my Uncle B and little cousin B ;) It's all, you guys!

On my mom's side: My Avó (Grandmother in Portuguese) was a SEAMSTRESS EXTRAORDINAIRE! She was also pretty crafty making crochet blankets and drawing. She always said her true passion was to be a carpenter but since she was a woman growing up in a particular time period her choice was to work in the factory- luckily for her, she was great at it! I know if she was still around she would have wanted to be on Project Runway! Her mother was a housewife and raised a large family and her dad aside from being an entrepreneur owing many apartment homes was a beer & liquor maker. For my Avô (Grandfather in Portuguese) he was a Navy man. After WWII he worked to support his family mostly working for the state. His father (my great grandfather, so my bisavô in Portuguese) was a fireman on the Old Fall River Line which was a ship that went between Fall River, MA, and Long Island, NY. He also was a fireman in hospitals (and by fireman I mean literally the man in charge of stocking the fire) but his true passion was wine- which is something we already share a passion for!

Now my parents are also pretty creative themselves. My mother has been involved with Acting, Advertising, Real Estate, Teaching, Managing, and even was crafty herself especially with Photography & Macrame (hey it was the 70's and I think she even made a bathing suit lol)!

My dad is my very own MacGyver creating something out of nothing and always finding a second use for things!

So what is this about? This blog will mainly be my journey with baking but I will not hold myself to just that- if I get the itch for something different I might just share sewing, crochet, or other crafty projects on here!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it!

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